Titans of the Sun Slots - Theia vs Hyperion

Titans of the Sun slots
Play the new Titans of the Sun Theia or Hyperion Online Slots now!

In addition to adding the Golden Era slot to their mobile slots portfolio, Microgaming powered online casinos have also launched two new games for October 2015...Titans of the Sun Hyperion and Titans of the Sun Theia.

Now it seems that Microgaming has been on the myths and legends themes for their slots quite a lot lately, with recent slots releases including Hot as Hades and The Legend of Olympus, both of which are based on characters from Greek mythology. These themes offer some rich storylines and imagery so it's little wonder that they have become somewhat of a trend when it comes to online slots and after the mammoth success that the Norse themed Thunderstruck featuring the mighty Thor has yielded for the software giant, who can blame them for trying to strike gold in the same genre twice.

Titans of the Sun Theia
Titans of the Sun Theia Slot

If you're expecting an exciting new format in these new slot releases you'll be disappointed and if you're expecting the games to differ from one another in a huge way, you'll also be disappointed. As usual Microgaming has used a tried and tested format and given it some shiny new graphics, in fact, the two new games are identical except for the names and main characters (Theia and Hyperion) and their associated wins (more on that in a bit).

Now before you go thinking that Microgaming isn't trying anymore or has run out of ideas when it comes to design and is just trying to swell the number of titles in its slots portfolio these days, think again. There is a major redeeming factor to these new releases and that is the size of their impressive jackpots and the fact that these slots offer some high variance spins.

So while you'll have to watch your bankroll while playing these slots, if the gods featured in them do decide to smile on you, you'll experience some of the largest wins you'll find in non-progressive online slots.

Titans of the Sun Hyperion
Titans of the Sun Hyperion Slot

So which of the two new slots do we recommend that you play...Titans of the Sun Hyperion or Titans of the Sun Theia? The answer is not as simple as one would think as both have pros and cons.

Titans of the Sun Theia offers a 2x multiplier on all of the free spins within the game while the Hyperion counterpart does not. The mystery symbols in the Theia game stack as high as 6 symbols in the base game and 5,6 or 7 high in the free spins feature, while the Hyperion mystery symbols only ever reach 5 high throughout the game.

But while Theia offers the highest overall win potential at 8,000 times your wager in the free spins feature and Hyperion offers just 5,000 times your wager, the latter may be a more playable game in the long run. This is largely attributed to the fact that Hyperion offers more frequent wins in the base game on a single payline so this game will be more bankroll friendly while Theia only awards you with bigger wins on the free spins, so you'll end up burning through your credits if these aren't triggered during your gaming session.

All in all it will come down to your game play and risk preference ‐ both games are risky thanks to their high variance but one will definitely reward you with smaller wins more often than the other.