Slots Superstitions and Rituals

Whether conscious of it or not, every gambler has superstitions. It may be a "lucky" item of clothing or jewellery, it may be a ritual performed before placing a wager or during a game and while superstitions and player rituals are particularly evident at the casino tables, many slots players have their own set of unique beliefs and habits.

Let's take a look at some of the ones we've seen and heard of over the years and see if you can identify any that you’ve seen or even done over the years.

1. Coin temperatures

Some players believe that either hot or cold coins can trick a slot into paying out. Some players will rub their coins furiously to heat them while others will go as far as chilling their coins in a glass of ice before dropping them into the slots.

2. Standing to play

Some players believe that they can magically increase their chances of winning if they stand because somehow the machines "know" when you're getting comfortable and you end up on a losing streak.

3. Rubbing the screen

Whether playing slots at a land based casino or online, some players believe that rubbing the screen will transfer "good energy" to the machine and it will reward you with a payout. Other players rub the jackpot prize on the payout table to "influence" the machines generosity.

4. Looking away

Some players spin the reels then look away. Although the origins of this belief are obscure, it may stem from the idea that staring at the reels for too long might jinx the machine.

5. Not using a player's card

In brick and mortar casinos, players will often avoid using their players card when playing slots as they believe that the casinos monitor their play and will "flip the losing switch" if they find you're winning too often. Obviously casinos can track your real time game play but there is no magical switch, all games come with a built in house edge, so there is no need for one and every spin is as random as the next so there is no way to suddenly influence the results.

6. Quitting after interruptions

Some players believe that if an online game suddenly drops (usually due to connectivity issues) or if an operator comes to inspect the machine during play, then payout cycles are interrupted and they will no longer play that particular game. Nothing could be further from the truth or against legal regulations, but still, superstition is beyond reason.

7. The newer the better

Ever wonder why new casinos make such a big fuss about their openings or why existing casinos promote newly launched slots so heavily? This is due to the fact that many players believe that newer casinos and slots will have a higher likelihood of paying out big, as it is a widely held notion that new slots are programmed to be loose for the first few days before tightening up. If only this one were true we'll all be making big bucks off Microgaming's new slot releases each month.

8. Location, location, location

Some players swear that the position of slots on the gaming floor or at online casinos is designed according to how well the machines pay out. The theory is that loose slots are placed at the entrance to entice players but the truly big payers are well hidden at the back and in the less desirable locations. This is difficult to prove as most machines are cycled around casino floors and online, machines are often listed alphabetically or in order of their launch dates.

9. Being owed a win

Being "owed" a win for your effort is a commonly held belief amongst slots players. The theory goes that if you put enough into a slot, it will reward you with a return. The reality however is that the machine sees each spin as completely new and random, so it has no idea what you are spending. It will hit when it does, no matter what you do. But it's still fun to dream.

10. Using Numerology to predict wins

Some gamblers believe that numerology can influence the outcomes of their slots spins. For example, some players avoid the 13-lined slots especially on Tuesdays and Fridays and will not play on the 13th of the month, believing that 13 is a very unlucky number. Chinese players are drawn to the number eight as this is considered lucky while the number four is considered unlucky so any slot displaying a four will be avoided.

As you can see from the above there are many interesting superstitions held amongst players but many of these are based on slots myths which are completely untrue.