Slots Questions Answered

Slots Questions

The slots landscape has changed and evolved significantly over the last few decades. Not only do slots players have more to choose from in terms of formats, there are also multiple betting options, slot machines with bonus games and features, 3D graphics and even Gamble features to consider.

With so much variety and detail being incorporated into modern online slots, players have a lot more questions, so here we take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from slots players.

1. Should I still bet the maximum coin size on each spin?

Betting the maximum coin size is one of the top slot machine tips that has been around from the inception of slots and of course, this does hold true for the most part, especially if you are aiming to win the top jackpot. However there are some video slots where you aren't penalized for betting a single coins per spin as you are still eligible to win the maximum jackpot prizes. These types of games are rare but they do exist, so always ensure that you examine the paytable of a slot machine closely before playing.

2. Are Slots Bonus Rounds truly random?

Bonus rounds add excitement and intrigue to slots games while giving you the opportunity to unlock some awesome prizes. While most players accept that online slots are random but do question the randomness of bonus screens and whether or not they are completely random. The answer to this question is both yes and no. Yes because each slot machine is governed by a random number generator which produces a certain number of possibilities that can be achieved in the bonus round, but also no because you are required to make specific choices in the bonus game that will determine what prize you win. So if you select a treasure chest for example that contains a 1000 coin prize, this may be due to luck but you still had a certain amount of control over the choice you made. Some bonus games also give players the opportunity to put their skills to the test.

3. Do Bonus Rounds and Free Spins increase slots payouts?

In theory a slot machine's bonus rounds and free spins should help players to win extra money but the reality is that all of these "extra" payouts are already factored into the machines long term payout percentage. So if a game's payout rate is generally 96% it won't suddenly increase if you happen to hit a few bonus rounds when you play. So while bonus rounds and free spins won't increase your long term returns, they do add a great deal of fun and entertainment to slots which is really what it is all about.

4. Should I play the Gamble Feature?

More and more slots have Game Features which allow you to double your winnings by pushing the "gamble" button but if you lose you will also lose your original winnings.

If you look at the Game Feature from a statistical point of view, it is one of the better bets that you can make when playing at online casinos because it offers 50/50 odds which you will rarely find in casino games. Before opting to use the gamble feature you should always take your bankroll into account because it can be really heart breaking to hit a big payout just to lose it because of the Gamble Feature.

5. Is there a point to playing Progressive Slots?

It is common knowledge that once a progressive slots jackpot grows large enough, your wagers will have a positive expected value. This is due to the fact that even though progressive slots offer a small chance of winning, the larger jackpots make each wager a winning proposition in the very long run. It is however necessary to mention that determining the point when a progressive jackpot offers a positive expected value takes a great mathematical analysis and time. Seasoned players are often good at determining the frequency of each symbol but this requires a great deal of commitment and many hours of game play time.