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If you're playing online slots then etiquette is not something you have to consider at all and while most people think that etiquette is reserved for table games, if you're planning on venturing out to a land based casino then there are a few things you'll have to keep in mind when playing the slot machines too!

Here we take a look at the slots etiquette guidelines you will need to follow if you are to join the ranks of respectful players wherever you choose to play.

Avoid huge displays of emotion

Slots are very exciting to play, especially if you happen to be lucky enough to hit a big win or jackpot payout. On the flip side they can also be very frustrating if you end up losing spin after spin. So whether you're celebrating or are feeling blue, try not to put on huge, loud attention grabbing displays that will affect everyone around you for ongoing periods. Be considerate and remember that going on and on loudly can really influence other people's enjoyment of their own games which is just annoying.

Don't bother others about your "Lucky Machine"

You may develop an affinity for a certain machine if you've been lucky enough to earn a payout or two from it, but do not become obsessive over a single machine and bother the person playing it in an attempt to get them to leave. If you really have to play a machine, ask someone once how long they think they will be and then move along until they are finished. Do not lurk around watching them as this is not only creepy but can be irritating and detract from their enjoyment of the game.

Don't be an annoying chatterbox

Playing slots at a brick and mortar casino may feel more social due to the fact that you have people seated at machines around you ‐ but don't take this as an open invitation to chat for hours. Some people like to chat while others prefer to focus on and enjoy the game they are playing in solitude without someone butting in with inane chatter every few minutes.

If you must chat to someone, make sure you look for subtle clues as to whether or not they are open to being social or if they'd prefer to be left alone and respect this.

Lookout for Saved Seats

Always check a machine thoroughly for a type of marker indicating that someone is saving their seat there before you sit down. Some people will leave an item of clothing or personal item on the seat/machine when they need a quick break and will return shortly. Do not remove this and occupy the machine feigning ignorance ‐ rather play at another machine instead.

By the same token, if you need a quick bathroom break, leave some kind of a marker but if you're stepping away for a longer period, to eat a meal for example, do not be selfish and try to reserve the machine as other people may be waiting to play.

Always tip Casino Staff

Many casinos offer loyal players free drinks, and if you've been playing for some time, eventually a cocktail waitress may come past and take your order. Even though the drinks may be free, remember to always tip the waitress as they generally earn a very limited basic wage and rely on tips to make ends meet. Think of the tip as a cheap price for the drink.

Also, if you hit a big jackpot you will probably receive a hand pay. This is when a casino staff member comes to the machine and issues you with a payment by hand. It is customary to tip this staff member for their efforts ins assiting you with this. $20 is a good tip.

Following these few guidelines will go a long way to ensuring that both you and those around you will have a pleasurable slots experience whenever you play.