Penny Slots Myths

If you're new to the game of slots then you've probably been told that Penny Slots are the best machines to learn to play on because they only cost a penny per spin which means they won't break the bank! Also, your money goes further so you may have been told that the casino will reward you with more loyalty points for playing these.

The problem is that this advice is based on myths about these machines which seem to be propagated by players who don't quite understand how these slots work. Here we take a look at the top 3 myths associated with Penny slots so that you can be aware of these and steer clear of bad advice when it comes to playing them.

Myth1: Penny slots are cheap to play

The fact that penny slots can be played for such a small amount of money is obviously the main attraction but there are exceptions that prove quite the contrary. Firstly you'll soon realize that many of these machines will require you to play multiple paylines just to spin the reels and automatically you game goes from a single penny up to $0.25 because you are required to bet on each payline before you can play. This is still probably affordable for most players but it still isn't the penny a spin they were bargaining on and let's face it ‐ playing this way does add up and impact you if you have a small bankroll.

Even if you do find a machine that allows you to play one penny per spin, the fact of the matter is that it will have a low payout rate. In casinos, penny slots generally offer between 88% to 91% payout rates with most other higher denomination slots pay out anywhere from 93 to 98% - which is a huge difference and one that will impact any player over the long term.

Myth 2: You'll earn more comps playing Penny Slots

So many players wrongly believe that playing penny slots is a secret weapon against that casino and can be used to trick them into awarding you more comps or loyalty points than you would get playing other games.

The fact of the matter is that casinos not only monitor how long you play but also how much you spend and take both factors into consideration when awarding any kind of comps or loyalty points. The best way to earn these is to enroll in casinos' players clubs (online casinos enroll you automatically upon sign up and deposit) and just enjoy yourself rather than wasting your time trying to trick casinos.

Myth 3: You can stretch your budget playing Penny Slots

While penny slots are a good choice of game if you're not too concerned about their low payout rate, thinking that your bankroll is going to stretch further on these games is just another misconception.

As we mentioned previously many machines require you to play multiple paylines and even when you're playing single payline machines, you'll only win lower sums than what other machines payout, in the long run this will generally hit your bankroll much harder than if you were to play high limit slots.

Penny slots are great recreational games for having fun and passing the time but if you're looking for big payouts or to become a more serious slots player then there are far superior machines with better payouts and long term.