How to Play in Online Slots Tournaments


Online Slots Tournaments are popular events for slots enthusiasts and most online casinos offer both freeroll and buy in (or "sit and go") tournaments to players. The majority of these events last between 5 and 10 minutes, with multiple tournaments available on a daily basis. Microgaming powered casinos generally offer the best online slots tournaments and buy-in's ranging from $2 to $50, with prizes ranging from $6 to $150 which is definitely not bad considering the huge amount of entertainment to be had.

So if you've never played in an online slots tournament and would like to try it, follow the step-by-step guide below and you'll be part of the action in no time at all!

Player's Step-By-Step Guide to Online Slots Tournaments

  1. Select a trusted casino featured on our site, Jackpot City Casino is one of the many that offers a great schedule.
  2. Visit the casino's website by clicking on one of our links to it, download the casino software and register a player account.
  3. Once the casino software has been installed on your PC or laptop, go to the "Slot Tournaments" section which is featured in the casino lobby.
  4. Register a carefully thought out nickname, keeping in mind that you won't be able to change this!
  5. Click on the list of slots tournaments available at the casino. You can usually mouse-over each listing to display the specific requirements of entry including entry fee (some are free), rules, prizes, slot machine and duration of play. Usually Freeroll tournaments are held every 2 hours and are about 5 minutes long.
  6. You may pre-register a seat for hourly "scheduled" slots tournaments if their status is marked as "open", if the status is marked "scheduled" they are not yet open for registration. If the status shows "In Play" then the slots tournament is closed to new entries unless you have pre-registered. In general standard "buy in" tournaments do not start until they have 5 players or more competing while fixed tournaments are open to a larger number of players and start at a scheduled time regardless of the actual number of players taking part.
  7. Leave the casino software open so that it will flash in your taskbar to indicated when a tournament is starting, keeping in mind that there is generally a 30 second countdown so you do need to start playing on time. In pre-scheduled tournaments and freerolls, there is generally a 15-30 minute time window and you get 5 minutes of playing time from when you first push the "Spin" button. The object here is to get as many spins as possible in your 5 minute period and you need to play before the tournament period comes to an end.


  1. Once you have pushed the "Spin" button, don't stop playing! You should be able to achieve around 14 spins per minute on a good day when everything is running smoothly with the software, your connection etc, so don't waste precious time between spins, keep your finger on your mouse or keyboard! You are able to see where you rank in the tournament in a small window inset on your screen, seeing yourself move up in the ranks is very exciting, and don't get discouraged if you move down, you're always just one spin away from that changing!
  2. Bear in mind that the "Autoplay" and "Quickspin" feature that are usually present in standard slots games are disabled in tournament settings and you are required to spin manually by pushing the "spin" button each time. A single spin can take up to 5 seconds to complete so keep your fingers and brain engaged at all times.
  3. If you are lucky enough to be awarded Free Spins within the slot game, this will unfortunately not extend your game play time, so if they are awarded towards the end of the tournament time, you may not get them...and this can't be disputed.
  4. Sign up for regular slots tournament updates and promotional schedules, holiday times are packed with additional events and you don't want to miss out!