Multiplayer Slots

Multiplayer Slots have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to online casinos, but what exactly are multiplayer slots, how do they work and why are they so popular? We answer these questions here.

What are Multiplayer Slots?

Multiplayer slot are online slots that are linked by a casino, allowing numerous players to enjoy playing the same video slot game simultaneously while interacting with one another. This takes slots play to a whole new level as it adds a social element that was previously lacking at online casinos, making multiplayer slots the next step in the evolution of online casino gaming, providing players with the convenience of online gambling as well as an interactive experience.

It is no wonder that themed multiplayer video slots have become a massive hit with casino players across the globe that no longer have to leave their homes and visit land based casinos or play other casino games like bingo to enjoy an experience that is both fun and social while also potentially rewarding.

The Social Aspects of Multiplayer Slots

Being able to chat with other players while playing your favourite slot is not only a novelty but also adds an element of enjoyment to the game as you can share the triumphs of your wins and commiserate with one another on your losses and see how you are comparing to others playing the same game.

You can also invite other players to become your friends on the network and when they accept they will be added to your contact list, allowing you to see when they are online and what slot they are playing so that you can join in and have a chat via the built in chat facility which can either take place in private or openly depending on the option that you choose.

The Advantages of Multiplayer Slots

As we've mentioned, the social elements of multiplayer slots including being able to connect with other players while playing, potentially making new friends and sharing in the collective gaming experience are all great benefits of these unique games.

Another benefit however is that if one player triggers a bonus feature while playing the game, all players in the group will benefit from it, provided they have earned sufficient multipliers during their gaming session, if you have not earned any multipliers the bonus game will not be activated for you. But if you have enough multipliers, the number of multipliers you have accumulated will then be applied to your bonus feature play.

Due to the fact that there are more players playing multiplayer slots games, bonus round are activated more regularly in multiplayer slots than in regular slots games, meaning that you will enjoy an even greater number of free spins and rewards than ever before.

Why Multiplayer Slot are so popular

In years gone by only online slots tournaments offered a multiplayer aspect of game play but these competitions are so competitive that interaction is often abrupt or non-existent. Multiplayer slots games however eliminate the competitive aspects and foster a sense of camaraderie because players are not competing but rather sharing their luck and enjoying a collective gaming experience with a very social vibe, making them the ultimate choice in online casino game play for the social player.