Loose Slots ‐ do they really exist?

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As gamblers we'd all like to think that someway, somehow we can figure out a way to achieve an edge over the casino and many think that they do! This is why you'll often come across players claiming that they have a found a "loose slot" at either a land based or online casino or discussions on the player forums about how casinos make new slots games looser to ensure that they award more payouts when they are first launched, in order to make them even more attractive to players.

If you happen to Google "loose slots" you'll even find a number of guides on how to find and play these. For all intents and purposes, it is easy for one to simply assume that loose slots to in fact exist and in playing them you can gain that ever elusive edge over the casinos. But is there really truth to these assertions, or are they just another slots myth and misconception?

While a slot may appear to be looser than another the first time you play it, the logical explanation for this is usually due to slots variance because there is simply no truth in the theory that loose slots exist. This is due to the fact that all slot machines, both at land based and online casinos, are governed by Random Number Generators which cannot be altered by either the casino or a player, so there is no way to make a slot payout more in the beginning and less at a later date. When a software provider releases a slot, the Random Number Generator has been built into it and the payout rate is set.

Many times you'll see casinos advertising that they have the "loosest slots in the industry" ‐ but this is simply a marketing ploy. Unfortunately new players often buy into these tactics in the hope of making a profit when playing at these venues, but again, a casino cannot alter a slot machine's payouts.

In fact, a slot machines "looseness" is determined by its payout percentage, so obviously some slots will payout more than others depending on how they have been designed, which is why it is always important to do your homework and only play slots with the highest payout rates which are audited independently to ensure that all games are fair. Even in doing so though, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll walk away with huge wins!

After all, slots are games of chance and there is no skill that you can put to the test in order to increase your winning potential. As discussed, the only way to increase your odds is to select games with the best payout rates and percentages. Some players will refer to these as "loose slots" and it does explain why some slots seem to be either looser or tighter than others, but the reality is really no such thing as a slot that just lets players win all the time! So if you're looking for these types of loose slots, you'll be greatly disappointed.

Instead, focus on choosing the machine with the best potential to give you wins and enjoy yourself, and if you win, that's just an awesome bonus!