Expert Mode in Online Slots Play

You may have noticed a button at the bottom of the last Microgaming powered online slot that you played that was labelled "Expert" and wondered what it does. This button activates the game's Expert Mode and rather than making the slot "harder" as some people may have guessed, it offers you a variety of playing options that can be used to your advantage.

For those of you who haven't noticed this button, you'll find it on the bottom left hand side of the slot screen ‐ generally next to the "Help" and "Exit" buttons. When you click on the "Expert" button, you'll notice that additional buttons will be added under the slot's reels. Most games feature 3 new buttons ‐ "Spin x5", "Spin x10" and "Auto Play".

The first two buttons are pretty self-explanatory and will do exactly what they promise ‐ spin the reels 5 times or 10 times automatically. If however you click on "Auto Play" you will be given an additional menu of settings and options to choose from which allow you to customise your slot gaming experiencing by telling it how many times you want to spin, the time delay between spins and you can also set your own win and loss limits which will cause the game to stop should either of these be reached. Furthermore, you will also be able to instruct the game to stop on any win over a certain value ‐ this is particularly helpful if you like to keep screenshots of your wins on file or share them on the player forums.

Once you've configured the Auto Play Menu to your satisfaction you can activate it and watch as the game is played for you.

For some people ‐ this may seem completely ludicrous ‐ after all, who pays money to watch a slot be played on their behalf? Isn't pushing the spin button half the fun?

The answers to those questions really come down to what type of player you are, if your enjoyment comes from physically playing the game then Expert Mode/Auto Play is probably not for you.

That said though, there are a few reasons why this feature exists and is worthwhile. For instance, if you play marathon slots sessions you may find that having to continually click to spin gets rather monotonous, if this becomes the case you can set the game up to play just as you would and then simply watch the screen to see the outcomes.

Another advantage of Expert mode is that it serves as an effective money management tool and helps you to keep track of the number of spins played and the amounts you've bet doing so. This means that you can implement the "Play-through once" money management strategy quite easily by simply dividing your slots bankroll by the size of your wager and then entering the number of spins in the auto play options menu.

Lastly, the "Stop if..." menu option offers you a good way to limit your slots sessions and spend ‐ for example, at the outset of the game if your budget is $100 and you want to play $50 worth of that on a specific game, all you need to do is configure the game to stop if your bankroll credits decrease by $50 and it will do so on your behalf.

If you're playing slots on a download version of a Microgaming powered online casino you will find that it has an additional "percentages" button. When you click on this you will be able to access your stats on time spent playing a particular game, the number of spins you've played and the top three wins you've achieved. Again if you're a numbers person this is a really helpful feature.