243 Ways To Win Online Slots

Online slots with the 243 Ways to Win format are some of the most popular slots games in the Microgaming powered online casino line-up and many of the latest blockbuster releases such as Terminator 2, Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park are 243 Ways to Win slots.

While these games promise "more ways to win" as a slots player, one has to wonder whether 243 Ways to Win slots really give you an advantage over games with fewer paylines. Here we'll take a look at 243 Ways to Win slots payouts and whether or not they are really worth playing.

The most obvious benefit in playing 243 Ways to Win slots is that they offer multiple ways to win without the need for you to wait for specific combinations to appear across the reels. For instance, traditional slot machines read the paylines in specific ways, for example the "V" formation which begins with the symbol in the top left corner travelling downward to the symbol in the bottom position on the third reel and then back up again to the top right corner off the screen and if matching symbols occur in this pattern, you will be awarded a win.

243 Ways to Win games however always read wins from left to right without requiring the symbols to be located in specific positions on the reels. This means that any winning combination appearing from left to right in any position will give you a win.

One of the big disadvantages in these games however is the amount of money spent versus the actual payouts that you receive and they are often a lot less than you would earn on slots with fewer paylines.

A perfect illustration of this lies in the Game of Thrones slot which was released in both the 243 Ways to Win and 15 line formats. To most players the choice seemed obvious ‐ why play the 15 line game and limit your winning potential when you could play 243 ways to win.

The significant factor which most players overlooked was that while 243 ways to win slots do payout more often, the wins are generally way smaller than slots with fewer paylines. In fact, when wagering the same amount per spin, the 15 payline Game of Thrones slot offers greater payouts for each win than the 243 ways counterpart. This is due to the fact that the coin values are divided equally across 15 paylines rather than the alternative wherein each bet is divided into much smaller portions to cover all 243 ways to win.

For example, a $3 wager (10 x 0.02 coins) places 20 cents on each of the 15 paylines in the one game, while the same bet (10 x 0.01 coins) is allocated as the stake to cover the 243 possible ways to win game. In this game, the five stag symbols on the 15 payline version would payout at $120, while the same winning combination would only pay $25 on the 243 ways to win machine.

As mentioned though, winning combinations similar to the one mentioned above are encountered far more frequently when no payline restrictions apply (as in the 243 ways game), so while they pay less per win, the majority of combinations appear more frequently.

It is important to keep in mind though that you are paying for each bet that you make so it should all come down to what you enjoy most ‐ are you a player that likes frequent smaller wins, or do you prefer to play for that big win. It's all up to you.