Mobile Slots Tournaments

Many online casino players are moving onto playing on their mobile phone or tablet device but slot lovers and particularly slots tournament fans often wonder whether mobile casinos facilitate these kinds of events.

The answer is that most reputable online casinos who also offer mobile versions of their properties do. Here we'll take a look at how mobile slots tournaments work, how they differ from traditional online slots tournaments and what you can expect when playing in them.

How do mobile slots tournaments work?

When playing in traditional online slots tournaments you will generally be required to download the casino software onto your PC or Laptop and then "buy-in" in order to enter the competition. In slots tournament terms a "buy-in" simply refers to the entrance fee you have to pay in order to participate in the event.

Once you've entered and the tournament begins you play the nominated tournament slot/s as fast as you can and for as long as you can in order to achieve the most spins or the largest win of the tournament.

Mobile slots tournaments played on your Apple iPhone, iPad or Android device have a slightly different formats I that there is no need to download anything as downloadable games require a great deal of memory when played on smartphones, so instant play games function way better. Another difference is that there are often no buy-ins required to participate in mobile slots tournaments but this does depend on where you play.

While online tournaments usually a lot a relatively short period to their events - anything from 5 to 60 minutes, mobile slots tournaments usually have a start and end date and give players anything.

Types of Mobile Slots Tournaments

There are generally four types of mobile slots tournament formats offering different ways for players to win.

1. Best equalised payout in a specific number of rounds

In these formats the objective is to keep spinning and the mobile casino calculates your largest wins over a specific number of spins, generally 20 to 30. This is probably one of the most fair competitions you can play in because it doesn't come down to the largest total won, instead it's the largest percentage win.

This means that if you bet $1 and win $10 you get the same number of points that a higher roller who is gambling $10 and wins $100 does.

2. Highest Number of Spins

In this format you are given a designated time period and the player who achieves the highest number of spins during that time wins. This is another great format as regardless of whether you're betting the minimum on each spin or hundreds of Euros, it still only counts as a single spin.

It still means that those with bigger budgets can play more, but with free spins features awarded in games it's not always determined by bankroll.

3. Largest win

Tournaments that award players for the largest win may seem like an obvious choice to participate in, but it's not really the case. In this format, the player who wins the biggest in-game jackpot receives an added cash prize.

The problem with these formats is that if two players end up with a total of say, £/€/$25,000 but the first player was wagering a single coin per spin and the second was playing 100 coins, even though the first player's win is considerably more impressive, they will share the prize equally.

These formats are great for entertainment but do tend to favour the bigger players.

4. Highest Wagers

This tournament format is very common, but it's probably the one you should avoid most because it relies on huge budgets and is usually only offered to casino VIP's and high rollers for a reason - this is high limits slot play at its best. Unless you find yourself in the league where you can spend thousands per spin, you'll be hard pressed to achieve a win.

Also, from a purely practical level, pitting yourself against competition on this level will often drive you to spend more than you usually would, and the returns don't always make sense.